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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips It is not an easy job to keep a pool clean and well maintained. Every pool is different and the maintenance required for each is different. The only thing that can keep a pool neat and hygienic is its regular routine and care. Regular pool related problems can be prevented with a regular program for maintenance of swimming pool.

The following steps will ensure that your pool is kept clean and is safe for swimmers:

  • 1. Removal of foreign particles and dust: To keep the pool free from foreign particles and dust, it needs regular brushing and cleaning. You also need to replace the filtration medium from time to time and keep the filter also clean.
  • 2. Adjusting chemical balance of the water: This cannot be accomplished if you only add chemicals when you have the time. You need to check the water as per a fixed routine and add chemicals to maintain the chemical balance of the pool water. Decide which type of chlorine you want to use. Chlorine is effective in killing algae, bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool, but it combines with them to kill them and gets used up faster so it will not be able to keep your pool sanitized for long.
  • 3. Regular shocking of the pool: Shocking the pool will eliminate the bonding between chlorine and other chemicals like nitrogen, ammonia which causes allergies and skin irritation.
  • 4. Maintain correct pH level: The correct pH level of the water in a swimming pool should be same as the pH value of tears that is 7.2 to 7.6. It is important to maintain the pH level because chlorine is most effective at pH level of 7.2.
  • 5. To ensure maximum effectiveness of the different types of chemicals, add them at intervals of 2 hours.
  • 6. Make sure you add chlorine to water and not water to chlorine, since this may cause a violent reaction.

We provide a host of swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are the best when it comes to managing any pool related problems.

There are some things you should remember when using chlorine and bromine in swimming pools:

  • Chlorine combines with the bacteria and other harmful organisms in the pool water to kill them. Most of the chlorine is used up in this way and it does not keep your pool sanitized for long. The remaining amount of chlorine would get burnt the next time you shock the pool and it would be completely removed from the water by the filters. But bromine neutralizes the harmful effects of the bacteria and becomes active again. The shock treatment burns only the contaminants leaving the bromine behind to sanitize the pool.
  • Bromine is less irritant to the eyes and to the skin and so most people prefer this over chlorine for their pools. Bromine is good for those who are allergic to chlorine. However, bromine is not as effective in a full sized pool as chlorine so it should be considered for smaller facilities such as Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

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