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Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Swimming pool cleaning With our lifestyle moving towards luxury and comfort, swimming pools have started becoming an integral part of our homes. Lack of time due to high pressure jobs and professions hardly allow us to go to sports complexes for a nice swim so it becomes inevitable to construct a swimming pool in the vicinity of our homes. Moreover, outdoor swimming pools are always preferred over indoor ones because of the feel of nature they give and also it’s always preferred to take a swim under the sun rather than in an indoor pool.

Since we all must be aware that most of the diseases are caused by water and swimming is all about water, so it is very important to keep the swimming pool clean and bacteria free. We must ensure complete hygiene and cleanliness of our outdoor swimming pool so that our family and friends can have the privilege to take a fearless and healthy swim every time they want.

To keep our outdoor swimming pool clean every moment, we must ensure to keep a regular check on the pool as well as the pool equipment to avoid any mishap that may occur due to a small negligence of ours. It is highly recommended to appoint a professional swimming pool maintaining company or a professional on a contractual basis to make sure that every part of the equipment is working properly & efficiently. At the same time, the outdoor pool should also be checked regularly for bacteria, fungus, algae, and other impurities which infiltrate water very easily.

Following are a few tips which can be used by owners of outdoor swimming pools to maintain and keep the swimming pools in best of its hygiene:

  • Always check the water level of your outdoor pool which should always be at the level recommended by your swimming pool constructor or vendor. The water level is generally recommended to be kept at the centre of the top tiles. This is because at this level, the skimmer works with highest efficiency and becomes quite easy to skim the layer easily.
  • Skim the water layer at least once a week in winters and every alternate day during summers or according to the condition of the water from time to time. In case you see sandy winds every now and then or in case of rains, skim the water layer everyday as winds and rains can be a potential source of impurities landing in to your favourite pool.
  • Keep a check on the chemical levels of your swimming pool on regular intervals to prevent the water from becoming toxic. If tests are found positive, immediately call your maintenance vendor to get the water treated or treat it yourself as directed by the company.
  • Check the pump basket and the skimmer basket of your pool equipment for any dirt that may have accumulated during the regular functioning of the equipment. Also, make sure that the equipment is switched off while you are performing the checks and maintenance works of your pool. If any dirt is found, immediately clear the system of all the impurities and keep you pool safe & healthy.
  • Keep a check on the filters and always keep them clean of any dirt particles which may infiltrate with the help of winds and storms to keep the system function in an optimum manner. The filters should always be cleaned with the help of requisite chemicals which should be mixed in right proportions as prescribed and recommended by your vendor and the local health authorities.
  • The Chlorine level should also be monitored regularly. It should neither be more nor less than the level prescribed by your vendor. Appropriate and immediate steps should be taken to keep the level intact.

If the above tips are followed carefully, you will never suffer from any water disease and keep swimming healthily and fearlessly.

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