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Areca Palm Tree Indoor Plant

Areca Palm

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Bougainvillea Plants

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Indoor bonsai plants

Bonsai Plants

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Cycas Palm

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Dracaena Marginata Plant

Dracaena Marginata

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Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachia Plants

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Ficus Benjamina Plants

Ficus Benjamina Plants

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Ficus Gold King Plants

Ficus Gold King Plants

Golden King ficus trees are a cultivar of the weeping fig...
Ficus alii plants

Ficus Alii Plants

Ficus is anindoor plant with thick, glossy leaves and an...
Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

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Massangeana Plant Care

Massangeana Plant

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Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

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Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica Plants

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Scindapsus Aureus

Scindapsus Aureus Plants

Its common name is Devils Ivy" or "Golden Pothos". There are...
Scindapsus Aureus

Warneckii Plants

Warneckii is a popular plant for offices and homes because...
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Ficus Alii Plant and Care

Ficus Alii Plants Ficus is anindoor plant with thick, glossy leaves and an attractive, tree-like shape. Ficus varieties include Ficus benjamina, also known as weeping fig, and Ficus elastica, also known as rubber tree. Ficus maclellandi is a new variety of Ficus, commonly known as Ficus "Alii." Ficus Alii is similar to other Ficus varieties, but the olive-colored leaves of Alii are longer, narrow and pointed.
  • Place your Alii in moderate to bright light. Avoid direct sunlight from hot windows, which may scorch the plant. If your plant is against a wall rotate the plant every few weeks to prevent the back of the plant from loosing it's leaves.
  • Water the Alii when the top of the soil feels slightly dry and until the water runs through the drainage hole. Pour out any water remaining in the drainage saucer after five to 10 minutes. Never allow the soil to become soggy and never let it become bone dry.
  • Rich, humusy and well-drained soil is required for Ficus "Alii".
  • Fertilize your Alii every three to four weeks, as long as the plant is growing and producing new leaves. Use a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants that has been diluted to half strength. Decrease fertilizer gradually in autumn and withhold fertilizer completely during the winter.
  • Trim the ficus with pruning shears any time if you need to control the size of the plant. Cut the stems just above a leaf or stem. Remove any dead branches or weak growth.
  • Roots of this plant are very slow growing so re-potting is rarely needed. Be conservative with fertilizers containing boron as these plants are boron sensitive.