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Areca Palm Tree Indoor Plant

Areca Palm

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Cycas Palm

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Dracaena Marginata Plant

Dracaena Marginata

These plants are commonly known as Madagascar dragon...
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Dieffenbachia Plants

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Ficus Benjamina Plants

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Massangeana Plant Care

Massangeana Plant

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Monstera Deliciosa

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Pachira Aquatica

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Scindapsus Aureus

Scindapsus Aureus Plants

Its common name is Devils Ivy" or "Golden Pothos". There are...
Scindapsus Aureus

Warneckii Plants

Warneckii is a popular plant for offices and homes because...
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Dracaena Marginata and Care

Dracaena Marginata Plants Dracaena marginata plants are commonly known as Madagascar dragon trees. The plants are known for their ribbon-like leaves that are deep green with narrow magenta stripes along the edges. It starts out as a thick tuft of spiky leaves. As it grows, the lower leaves naturally fall, leaving a cluster of dramatic, spear-shaped leaves above a bare woody stem. Its narrow, red-edged leaves can grow about 12-16 in (30-40 cm) long. They will be much happier and healthier with just a little care.
  • Dracaena marginata plants grow good in bright, indirect light. Too much sunlight will cause the leaves to get sunburned. Low light will cause the plant to grow at a slower rate. Avoid direct sun in the afternoon.
  • During spring and summer, water the plants frequently enough to keep the soil slightly moist. Do not allow them to stand with water in the saucer for more than an hour or two. They may need a little more water in the warmer months. Avoid allowing dracaenas to dry out completely. During the autumn and winter, allow the soil to dry out.
  • Very high temperatures s are tolerable, but require more frequent watering. Do well in almost any indoor environment.
  • Dracaenas are very adaptable. While they like moderate humidity, they can all tolerate dry or very humid air. But they would like to be misted every few days.
  • Better feed them once or twice a month with a water-soluble fertilizer. Do not fertilize in late fall or winter.
  • Dracaenas are very healthy plants for the most part, but they can get spider mites, mealy bugs, and scale. To treat these, spray the entire plant with neem oil.