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Areca Palm Tree Indoor Plant

Areca Palm

Areca is one of the most popular palms because of its...
Bougainvillea plants

Bougainvillea Plants

Bougainvilleas are perhaps the most popular and one of the...
Indoor bonsai plants

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai is the reproduction of natural tree forms in...
Cycas Palms

Cycas Palm

Its common name is Sago Palm. It is characterized by its...
Dracaena Marginata Plant

Dracaena Marginata

These plants are commonly known as Madagascar dragon...
Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachias, otherwise known as dumb cane as your...
Ficus Benjamina Plants

Ficus Benjamina Plants

Ficus Benjamina is one of the most common tree species that...
Ficus Gold King Plants

Ficus Gold King Plants

Golden King ficus trees are a cultivar of the weeping fig...
Ficus alii plants

Ficus Alii Plants

Ficus is anindoor plant with thick, glossy leaves and an...
Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is characterized by a series of arching...
Massangeana Plant Care

Massangeana Plant

This is an unbranched, tree-like plant with sword-shaped...
Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

It is a big-leafed tropical plant. Its glossy cut-out leaves are...
Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica Plants

It is very often called Money Tree and is one of the feng-shui...
Scindapsus Aureus

Scindapsus Aureus Plants

Its common name is Devils Ivy" or "Golden Pothos". There are...
Scindapsus Aureus

Warneckii Plants

Warneckii is a popular plant for offices and homes because...
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Bougainvillea and Care

Bougainvillea plant care Bougainvilleas are perhaps the most popular and one of the most widely grown tropical vines. These vines can attain a height and spread of 15-40 feet and contain thorns. It is a Moderate grower with a full growth habit. Bougainvillea is suitable for bush, trellis, standard, and hanging baskets.
  • Bougainvilleas like their roots to be crowded in a pot. In order to make the bougainvillea crowded in the ground you would have to cut the roots back. In the ground, the plant will stay vegetative and bloom little.
  • Bougainvillea will thrive in almost any soil which is well-drained and fertile. don’t let the plants dry out between watering. How much water does a Bougainviilea need depends on Soil type root system, size of the plant and air temperature.
  • More hours of direct sun is better for Bougainviilea. Less than 5 hours and the plant may not bloom very well. Your plants will thrive in shade or partial shade, but only have nice growth with little or no blooms.Don’t expect your bougainvillea to flower indoors. If possible, keep your plant outdoors and give it the maximum sun exposure. Any flowering you may receive indoors is a bonus.
  • Optimum growing temperatures are warm days (70-85of) and cool nights(60-70of). A light frost will not kill the plant, but you can soon expect all the leaves and bracts to fall off.
  • Bougainvillea can be heavy feeders. Plants grow best with small amounts of nutrients constantly available. Do not apply fertilizers to dry soil.