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Villas and Apartment Gardening

Villa gardening Dubai Growing your own plants adds beauty and life to an apartment or villa. No matter how tiny your apartment or villa, there's a place for a few plants.

We Royal Green will provide fresh ideas for apartments and villa gardens. If you have the desire for a garden, then we can set up a good garden at your apartments whatever tiny space it is.

If you have the luxury of rooftop access at your residence, you can easily transform this space into an amazing green space, with a little imagination. Create a garden on your roof deck with potted plants and a grass spot where you can relax in the privacy of your own space. Most rooftops are notoriously windy, so you’ll need to plan ahead to shelter your plants from the elements. A glass shield provides a permanent wind shelter that doesn’t reduce light.When considering a rooftop or balcony garden, it's also important to map out which areas are sunniest and which are shadiest. Plan your plant layout based on the plants’ shade and sunlight needs: This will help them stay vibrant and alive.

Planting a rooftop garden can help lower cooling and heating bills, because the greenery reduces the amount of dark surfaces that usually trap heat. Rooftop gardening requires just as much attention as gardening in a yard.

If your apartment has a balcony or patio we can take complete advantage of that outdoor space, no matter how tiny. If you don’t have a balcony, you can easily grow plants in pots in front of the window. People have been planting flowers and vegetables in window boxes. Window boxes are one of the easiest and most versatile growing tools available to the urban gardener. Increase the plant's amount of sunlight by placing it next to a white painted wall or hanging strips of aluminum foil on the surrounding wall.

Royal Green provides various kinds of services like annual maintenance, services for a particular portion of garden like tree and shrub care, lawn care, landscaping, commercial parks maintenance or you can take a complete garden maintenance package for your villas. The benefits of hiring a professional gardener like Royal Green might be one of the best ideas as our villa garden service does not end with the completion of the work, but we ensure full support for the year long. Our long standing relationships with some of the most prominent suppliers in the city and the industry allows us to source and procure material for your villa gardens at whole sale rates or at least at reasonable rates.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial property.

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