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Trees and Shrubs

Garden trees and shrubs Trees and shrubs are the foundation of most landscape plantings. No landscaping project is complete without trees and shrubs. Trees are essential for landscaping because they can provide privacy, protection from wind, shade on those hot summer days and even entertainment for children who like to climb them. Shrubs on the other hand, are hardy, evergreen plants that can add a deep green tone to your landscaping design.

In order to select the right plants for your landscape area, there are several factors to consider. These factors will influence the choice, and subsequent health, of plants for your landscape area. It is important to have an idea of the approximate size at maturity of the trees and shrubs commonly used in landscape plantings.

Adding a new tree to the landscape should be done with a much care and consideration. If properly selected a quality tree can add value to your property. Besides the economic value, they also provide shade, privacy, beauty and they do more than just look pretty. Before selecting and planting a tree, consider the size and shape of the mature tree, how much annual maintenance will be required, the location in your yard, and its purpose. Some trees have lovely pendulous branches and are known as weeping trees. These are delightful as specimen trees to grace a lawn or to be used to block out an unattractive view. Flowering landscape trees are the crown jewels of the yard. They can have as great an impact on how a yard looks. If you have a small garden never plant a tree without knowing something of its rate of growth.

A great way to fill out your landscape is to choose a shrub. Shrubs and bushes come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to meet the needs of every garden. . Shrubs have many uses within the landscape such as foundation plantings, privacy hedges, and specimen plants. They can be used as backdrops, to define garden beds, and to simply add seasonal interest. Foliage differs from plant to plant so look for foliage colors that will create a pleasing visual effect and subtle contrast to the other plants within the landscape.Make sure to plant shrubs that you can handle, and one that will complement your other landscape flowers and trees. Shrubs can be planted for different functions, and size is important in placement. Larger shrubs can be planted near the home for climate control in summer and winter. Use small to medium shrubs to accent pools, patios and walkways. Also consider the appearance of the shrub after its initial blooming period has ceased. Since the majority of shrubs are non-flowering most of the year, try to match them to the conditions of your particular landscape. Colors are one of the greatest benefits of shrubbery in the home landscape. There are so many colors and varieties that there is one for every season. These shrubs will add flair to your garden that may be longer lasting than flowers and trees. Beautiful flowering shrubs can add colors from white, to red, to blue, and every color in between.

Growing Conditions

One of the factors that will influence the selection of trees and shrubs for your landscape are the growing conditions in the area you will plant.

  • Light-is the area sunny or shady
  • Water-is there irrigation, standing water, or fast-draining soil
  • Soil type- is there ample compost or organic matter. Is the soil heavy clay, or light sand
  • pH-is the soil pH acidic (below 6) neutral (6-7.5) or alkaline (above 7.5)

You can try growing plants in conditions that they are not naturally suited to, but they will require much more maintenance, and still will not grow as well as plants selected specifically for the natural growing conditions available.

Without landscaping trees and shrubs, the garden loses moisture, for roots search deep in time of drought and leaves constantly produce a humid micro-climate. Best of all, landscaping trees and shrubs are labour-saving, requiring little attention after first planting.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial property.

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