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Gardening Services

Gardening services Dubai Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities around. To create a garden at home, one don’t have to be an expert but have the desire to make it. If you have the desire then there is nothing as thrilling as planting and growing your very own home flower garden. It is something you can do and be proud of for years to come. All you need is a little motivation. So first understand the surroundings and to explore the possibilities of gardening in your area.The most important rule in gardening is to make sure you choose something that you will enjoy and that will be pleasant for you to look at throughout the year.

Royal Green, one of the best garden designers in the industry provides unique and quality garden designs. We provide garden services to commercial and residential properties in UAE. We are experts in garden set up, automatic irrigation installation in the garden.

Our garden Services includes:
1. Setting up new garden at home, villas, residential properties, apartments and offices.
2. Redesigning the existing gardens and installation of pools and irrigation works.

Starting Garden:
Plan in your mind about the size and area where you want to set up flower garden. The amount of sun exposure and access to water will also consider while selecting area fro garden. Make a sketch of the landscape and area for flowers Test your soil to find out what nutrients it needs.

Choosing plants:
Choose your flowers based on which varieties will do well in your climate, and whether you want annuals, which live for a year, perennials, which bloom for several years, or a combination. When planning a flower garden in the yard, include plants that thrive during different parts of the year so that something is always blooming. Also consider the soil type while choosing palnts. Flower gardening works best when plants with similar needs are grouped together. Flowers should be grouped based on water, sun, and nutrient needs.

Garden Fencing:

There is a wide range of fencing designs, garden fences can beautify your garden in its own way. We have various shapes and size of fence and materials for fencing, so if you want to install a fence you can contact us. We also help you out and offer you the supply for garden fencing services in UAE and help you finish with the installation. We create fences which are made of strong materials and which can handle pressures and are strong enough to last more than five years. Contact our expert fence installer team to find out the most on fencing services and installation.

Garden Tools

Pruning shears (or secateurs) are the essential garden tool for light shrub and rose pruning, deadheading and cutting back perennials. The pruners come in a variety of sizes and models

Tools for digging and raking:
A good digging spade and shovel can make digging almost pleasurable. Look for forged-metal heads and handles that fit securely into the shaft. A spade has a narrow, long blade, ideal for working in flower beds, but it's also worth buying a rounded shovel for making larger planting holes for trees and shrubs. A garden fork is optional, but I find it useful for breaking up soil clods. It's also great for clean-up jobs such as uprooting spent annuals and clearing out the vegetable patch in the fall.

Tools for watering
One of the most essential watering tools is a high quality garden hose. The best garden tool for watering plants and containers is a watering wand. It's perfect for watering seedlings, new plantings and container gardens – it has a handle long enough to reach hanging baskets and delivers a soft shower rather than a strong pressurized stream.

Garden tools for weeding
The weeder has a knife-like blade slices weeds and loosens crusted soil with just a flick of your wrist. Use the pointed tip for working in tight spaces and for eradicating grass and weeds from cracks in walks, patios or driveways.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial property.

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