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Garden Maintenance Services

Garden maintenance services We offer a complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance and garden care service, which includes lawn care and maintenance, grass cutting, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best!. The seasonal lawn care will help to instantly beautify your backyard.
  • Automatic Irrigation Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Grass (Carpet and planting / Natural and Artificial)
  • Supply and Installation of all types of trees and plants that grow locally as well as exotic plants
  • Paving / Tiles / Interlocking work for your villa
  • Bamboo Fences or wooden made structures to block water tanks
  • Installation of Gates for your villa
  • Interior planting designs with installation can also be provided

We provide monthly contracts for maintaining garden once the initial project phase is complete. We would generally come in twice a week and look after your garden from cutting the grass to applying treatment and chemicals when needed.

Our General Garden Maintenance services cover

  • Pruning and hedging
  • Weed Control - Garden, Lawns, Paths and Driveways
  • Watering
  • Leaf Clearing
  • Removal of dead leaves
  • Trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs
  • Weed, pest and disease control treatment
  • Composting, lawn dressing and fertilizing
  • Seasonal splitting and replanting of plants
  • General Maintenance
  • Garden Clearance

Professional garden maintenance experts can use their experience and garden knowledge to help keep your garden looking at its best. By choosing professional garden maintenance you save time; this leaves you free to enjoy your garden.


An automated irrigation system will provide efficient watering of turf and planting beds, protecting your investment and keeping your grounds healthy and lush. Our team has fully trained technicians who will inspect existing systems and suggest improvements. Its includes:

  • Irrigation design and installation
  • Servicing of installed irrigation systems
  • Installation of booster or water pressure systems
  • Installation of water reservoir systems

Annual maintenance contracts include spring startup, mid-season checks, winterization, and backflow testing.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial property.

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