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Wedding Flower Decorations

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Indoor Plant Design and Installation

Interior Plant Design

Indoor plants installationBeautiful plants transform indoor spaces attractive, add interest and make rooms feel alive.

Designing of indoor plants include check the location to know. How much light is available? While natural light is best for indoor plants artificial office lighting can also be adequate for some indoor plants.

Are there any office pollutants present in your office? Some indoor plants reduce specific air pollutants present in your office.

What indoor plant display and type would look best in my office?

Depending on the location, we design the office with the plants most suited for your office which bring beauty, convenience and all what you need from indoor plants and also as per clients requirement and idea.

While on visit we talk to the client to get their vision about their space. Our designers are specialized in selecting plants, containers and accessories to fit the space, lighting and ambience of every office to create stunning interior with the beautiful indoor plants. Selection of plants depends on lighting, temperature, traffic, design scheme etc. Together we choose the species most suitable for your office. The final design will be the best that meet your needs.

Interior Plant Installation

After the initial discussion and designing, when the order is confirmed we will deliver and install the plants at a pre arranged time within seven business days. The size of the project dictates the length of the installation. This includes quantity, variety of plants, protective delivery to the client's site, placing each plant in the required location and final preparation such as watering, cleaning and pruning and also the location of the site. This is done as quickly as possible with the least amount of disturbance to the client's environment.

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