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Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants dubaiOutdoor plants survive well in different temperatures and lighting conditions. They often decorate and improve the ambience of a porch or yard. There are different types hedges and shrubs are used in pathways. Pools and waterfalls are decorated using aquatic plants. Outdoor plants can be planted in decorative boxes outside the window. They can also be planted as a tree that provides shade and protection from the wind. The hanging plants can also be used in trees. Bulbs are also great outdoor plants. They have fleshy, underground storage structure.

Succulents are outdoors plants which store water in their leaves, roots and stems. They are a good choice for outdoors plants in dry and desert regions where there are high temperatures and low rainfall. Cacti is one of the most known succulent. It comes in all sizes and shapes. Aloe Vera plant is also a well known succulent which is used in different medicinal uses. Aquatic plants can be either emergent or submergent. They are outdoor plants. Emergent plants have roots which are planted in the bottom of the water but have plants that rise up beyond the waters surface. Cattails, reeds and arrowheads are just some well know emergent aquatic plants. Submergant plants lie beneath the surface of the water. Seaweed is a submergant plant.

In dry conditions try using moisture retaining compost with your outdoor containers and try using a decorative topping for your pots to hold that precious moisture in.

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