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Indoor Office Plants

Office plants dubai The plants that need only little care are office plants. Good office plants are plants that don't need too much sunlight, clean the air of pollutants and are able to survive accidental over watering or periods of negligence. A well chosen office plant can make life at work more active and lovable and improve your health too. In addition, office plants can provide screening whenever needed or a pleasant focal point. The popularity of interior office plants has grown over the years.

Reasons behind arranging plants in offices

  • Many species of indoor plants help to boost workplace productivity and increase concentration levels. The higher level of concentration can be attributed to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide.
  • Interior plants help to clean the air. Also the toxins produced in an office building created by man-made articles like plastics, paint, furniture, synthetic fabrics, insulation, carpets, plywood, and cleaners are absorbed into the root zone of the plant where they are then turned into nutrients. These toxins can cause a variety of problems for employees like headaches, runny noses, impaired immune system, sneezing, and breathing problems, which contribute to poor job performance.
  • Office plants provide workers with healthier humidity levels. Office plants add moisture to the air through their natural processes of evaporation and transpiration. Thus makes a healthier work environment and also saves the company money with respect to office property. When humidity levels are too low, materials like wood can become damaged or cracked.
  • Indoor plants make the office more pleasing and can create a generally pleasant work atmosphere. It makes the workplace a more welcoming place for clients, guests, and customers.
  • Plants at the office can also reduce stress levels. Office plants make the work environment a more relaxing and a less stressful place. Because of a plants reflection of yellow and green colors on the spectrum, employees' eyes become less tired in response to these naturally pleasant and relaxing colors.

Things to consider before choosing a plant

Indoor plants are not the plants the nature provided us to survive indoors. But they are the plants that we try indoor, hoping that they will survive indoors. The environment where the plants live is a most important factor for the growth of indoor plants. This includes the lighting, temperature, humidity levels and space surrounding the plant. Genetically they were not designed to live indoor but somehow they tolerate the indoor, when someone has taken in door. Make the office environment match with the one that plant came from.

  • Lighting: Some plants stand in sunlight the whole day, some requires occasional lighting but some needs indirect sunlight. Some plants grow well in fluorescent light. So lighting is an important factor while selecting a plant for the office. So better go for one that doesn't need a large source of sunlight or provide required lighting by keeping it near window. Windows that face the south give the most intense light and are the warmest. Light colored surfaces in your office will also increase light intensity. Windows that face north give the least amount of intensity and are also the coolest. Dark surfaces in the office also lessen light intensity. Rotate the plant every few days so that all sides get a chance to catch some rays. Also plants do need some darkness to grow properly. Too much light can be as hurtful as not enough light.
  • Humidity/Air Quality: Plants requires fresh air. Many plants can also improve the air quality by adding oxygen and removing airborne pollutants. Dry air overworks a plant's root system and could damage or even kill a plant. If needed increase the humidity level in your office to maintain a healthy plant. You might also place gravel trays under the flower pot. Occasionally spray the leaves with water to add some humidity, during the drier months of the year.
  • Temperature: Most office plants can withstand normal temperature changes. These plants normally do best in temperatures between 70F and 80F during the day and 60F to 70F at night. Lower temperatures help the plant to recover from moisture loss and prolong your plants life. Some indoor plants are sensitive to and harmed by heavy drafts and heat. An occasional breeze however won't do any damage. Don't place your plants in a sunny window. This exposes your plants to temperature extremes as the sun heats during the day and the cold sets in through the window at night.
  • Spacing: The office space may be limited so also consider how much space you can dedicate to your plant. If your plant is happy it will grow and sometimes simply grow too large. It's best to either choose a slow growing plant or one that can easily be cut down when becoming too big.

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