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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants dubaiPlants are the most pleasant feeling for the most tree lovers and sometimes turn out to be the worst nightmare. Nurturing plants involve care, love and passion. The right seed grown in a right way requires proper guidance. We are here to help you to show how to raise your plants in your desired way.

Many researchers have shown the importance of plants in our houses or offices, benefited psychologically as well as physically. We assure you to guide with both. Decorating a plant at the right place involves an art at the same time selecting a right plant requires a knowledge on those. Plants could implant a positive as well as a negative effect on human feelings. May be that’s why, Vastu Sasthra suggests avoiding cactus or thorny plants at home.

Royal Green specialize exclusively in quality indoor plants, outdoor plants, pots and containers for home and offices in UAE. We are passionate about exotic indoor / outdoor plants, we know them and always endeavor to precondition them so that you do not have many of the problems so often associated with indoor plants, after all we have a stock of variety of plants including indoor herbs and bonsais and we know how to care for them.

Designing a space for your indoors gardening chores may include transforming an existing sunroom or creating a space in your rooms dedicated to potting and planting. Taking the theme of interior botanical gardening ideas from further, there are the international and local companies which supply various plants for the interior of apartments, house or office buildings. Also stretch the possibilities of indoor and herb gardens.

Select only those foliage plants which appear to be insect and disease free. Check the undersides of the foliage and the axils of leaves for signs of insects or disease. Select plants that look sturdy, clean, well potted, shapely, and well-covered with leaves.

Choose plants with healthy foliage. Avoid plants which have yellow or chlorotic leaves, brown leaf margins, wilted or water soaked foliage, spots or blotches and spindly growth. In addition, avoid leaves with mechanical damage, and those which have been treated with "leaf shines" which add an unnatural polish to the leaves. Plants which have new flowers and leaf buds along with young growth are usually of superior quality.

To Make Indoor Plants Success:

  • Provide adequate watering of the soil. Don’t allow over-watering:
    Mostly watering can done once in a week. If the soil is dry 1 inch below the surface, we should water
  • If needed provide extra humidity.
  • Also provide proper light requirements:
    It depends on plants. Some palms require lights but some others not.
    But, most do need some light
  • Provide adequate air circulation:
    Good movement of air tends to reduce problems with insects. Opening windows is helpful
  • Avoid salt building up in the soil:
    The water we had given to plants, evaporates and leaves the natural salt in the plant’s soil. Eventually all salts like calcium sodium etc build up in the soil and the mix become more hot. Then the plant begins to decay, starting with brown edges of leaves from down. The treatment for this is to take the palnt out and water for 10-15 minutes. This leaches out all salts. Do this 2-3 times yearly to avoid plant decline. We can avoid this problem to some extent, if we use mineral water. If you cannot take the plant outdoors and if it is not too big, give it a long shower in your bathroom.
  • Fertilize on a regular schedule

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