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Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plantsIndoor plants make beautiful any indoor space. They add color and texture to the room. Attractive indoor plants create impact and give life to any room. Healthy, enthusiastic, well-motivated and empowered people work much more efficiently. We can improve wellbeing in the workplace is by providing interior plants. It will help to reduce stress, improve speed and accuracy at tasks and help foster a sense of identity and loyalty. A healthy, growing indoor house/office plant will provide with much enjoyment.

In office nature view is not always possible. But good interior plantscaping design in office environments can help provide a "green zone" which effectively helps to connect workers with nature indoors.

There are many benefits from indoor plants. Even the presence of plants in our surroundings brings a refreshment feeling. They are not just decorative items for filling vacant space. The most important benefit of indoor plants is their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. In return they emit oxygen in the surroundings. It helps in cleansing the air. They also absorb harmful chemicals and toxins. Poisonous gases and particulate matter that are emitted from the vehicles, factories and other sources are the cause of many diseases.The indoor environment also emits dangerous chemicals. The furniture, paints, adhesives, carpets, insulation, building material used in the house and many such items emit the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The indoor plants absorb these chemicals and purify the air.

Other Benefits

  • Reduce distractions due to noice
  • Increased positive feelings and reduced feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness
  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Control of humidity to the within the optimum levels for human health
  • Cooling effect
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide and emission of oxygen refreshing the air
  • Improved concentration levels leading to improved productivity particularly with those working with computers
  • Reduction of absenteeism in the workplace
  • Improve concentration and increase productivity
  • Faster recovery from mental tiredness
  • Interiors feel spacious, looked after and clean
  • People prefer to occupy rooms that contain plants
  • Improved image - interiors are perceived as "more expensive"

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