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Indoor House Plants

Indoor house plantsGood house plants that are well cared for can be a fixture in your home for years to come. Not only do they help to clean the air of harmful carbon dioxide, they also make great decorations. House plants provide an organic presence to an environment that is packed full of lifeless objects. To keep house plants alive and healthy has a lot to do with putting the right plant in the right place.

The factors that should be considered when caring for houseplants are moisture, light, soil mixture, temperature, humidity, fertilizers, potting etc.

Moisture: The best way to determine whether a plant needs water is to check the soil moisture. This can be easily done by placing your hand on the soil and feeling just below the surface. The amount of watering required varies depending on the plant species. Both under-watering and over-watering can be dangerous to plants. Plants should be watered when needed only. Many house plants require watering about once a week. When watering, be sure that the soil is saturated. A good way to tell is when water begins draining out of the bottom of the container.

Light: Plants depends sunlight for photosynthesis. When plants are exposed to sunlight, be conscious about the duration and intensity of the sunlight. Direct sunlight is ideal for most plants, but this is hard to procure indoors. So fro house plants windows are the most common sources of light. Natural sunlight through windows is affected by seasonal changes, cloud cover, and window treatments

Artificial light, such as fluorescent lighting, can also be a supplement to natural light especially in areas where sunlight is scarce. Warm whites are better for flowering plants while cool whites are more suitable for green, leafy growth. When used together, these bulbs are closer to the full spectrum light that comes from the sun, although less powerful.

Soil mixture: Houseplants are usually grown in specialized soils called potting soil and not in local natural soil. A good potting compost mixture includes soil conditioners to provide the plant with nutrients, support, adequate drainage, and proper aeration. Natural soils also can be used for house plants.

Temperature: Most house plants thrive in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees during the day and somewhat cooler at nighttime.

Humidity: Plants need a high relative humidity to thrive. So increase the humidity around your house plants. One of the most popular methods is a pebble tray filled with water which will evaporate over time and add humidity to the air. Another method is include grouping plants closely together and not placing plants in drafty areas.

Fertilizers: Usually in potted soil nutrients can be lost. We can overcome this by the addition of fertilizers. Adding unnecessary fertilizer can be harmful to the plant. One tablespoon of fertilizer for every gallon of water makes the composition.. The mixture is then used in the watering of the plant. Don’t forget it is better to under-fertilize than to over-fertilize.

Pots and containers: The size of the pot is also an important factor for the growth of house plants. the most important feature in pots and containers is their drainage system. Pots are neither be too large nor too small. A pot that is too small will restrict the growth of the plant, while an overly large pot can cause your plant to get root disease because of too much moisture present in the soil. So be careful while selecting pot for your house plant.

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