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Gardening Company in Dubai

Gardening Services, Dubai Having your own house with a private garden is every home owner’s dream. A private garden gives you the freedom to sit and relax in the privacy of your home and spend time with your family. Not only does it give you a place to enjoy, gardening in itself is a very relaxing hobby. Most people are very passionate about their gardens and take extremely good care of it throughout the year. From regularly cleaning, weeding and mowing the lawn to putting seasonal plants, people prefer doing this work themselves. For those who do not have the time or the expertise to look after their gardens, you can hire the services provided by Royal Green, the leading gardening and landscaping company in Dubai.

Royal Green offers a variety of services to home owners which include designing the layout of the garden and planning which plants are to be put where. We also offer services to redecorate existing gardens and give them a completely new look that is aesthetically soothing and in harmony with the design of the house. When you buy a house and get a new garden, there are certain things that should be kept in mind to ensure that your plants and lawn flourish. Our gardening experts will offer suggestions to home owners and also execute the plans drawn for the garden right down to the last detail. This includes tips about maintenance and gardening and also suggestions for installation of gardening systems like:

  • An automatic watering system
  • The type of grass and how the grass bed should be laid
  • Trees and plants should be planted in the garden as per the design
  • Laying down tiles and paving stones to create walkways
  • Fencing around the house and garden and putting up a gate, if necessary or required
  • Placing potted plants inside the house, if required, to match the theme of the garden

Caring for your garden also involves regular maintenance and servicing which another service is provided by this company. This includes, grass cutting, shrub reshaping, pruning of shrubs and small plants, weeding, putting in manure and fertilizers, trimming of hedges and regular care of all the plants. Our gardening professionals also share their expert opinion about which plants would be best for the type of soil in your garden or which flowers should be planted to maintain a color theme and what their layout ought to be. These might seem like trivial decisions but the results would certainly leave you awestruck. Our suggestions and services not only help you beautify your garden and backyard but also help you keep your garden healthy.

Finding a qualified gardener can sometimes little difficult. Hiring our gardener for your garden needs is an excellent, we offer a range of services to help shape your garden to your needs at a reasonable rate. Our company hires the best available talents that not only possess the required knowledge, but also have a very creative mind to give your gardens a splendid and awe inspiring design. We are equipped with the best instruments and state of the art tools. Our knowledge is also backed by years of experience and we can guarantee the best results where each garden will be given a unique look.

Royal Green provides various kinds of programs and annual maintenance contracts to home owners. Through these programs and contracts, home owners can hire the services of gardening companies for a particular portion of garden maintenance like tree and shrub care, lawn care, landscaping, commercial parks maintenance or you can take a complete garden maintenance package. The rates charged by us are very competitive and you can be sure to get full value for the money that you pay. We provide a professional, high-quality and prompt services at competitive rates.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial properties.

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