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Garden Maintenance Company

Garden maintenance company Owning your own garden is a matter of immense pride and joy. Once you get your garden landscaped and designed by professionals, you need to take proper steps to ensure its maintenance as well. This way, your garden can stay as beautiful and healthy throughout the year. Many people are fond of gardening and indeed it is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies. But most people do not have the time or expertise to look after their gardens. For such people, hiring the services of a garden maintenance company is a good idea. We Royal Green, offer annual maintenance contracts and seasonal contracts to home and garden owners, under which they undertake complete responsibility of looking after the garden for the period agreed upon in the maintenance contract. We provide professional garden maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas to individual and business clients. We work with your schedule whether it's a one off garden maintenance service or a regular garden maintenance program on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Hiring the services of garden maintenance companies is advisable, they have proper knowledge about the right type of care for the soil, the plants and the trees in one’s gardens. We are proficient in application of this knowledge and make sure that your garden looks beautiful throughout the year and the lawn stays lush green. Royal Green also take responsibility of replacing seasonal plants with new ones as the season changes and offer opinion to owners about flowers and color themes that can be used in the garden from time to time. Apart from this, by using state of the art equipment they ensure that the garden stays clean and pristine and is free of any infection or pest infestation. All these things put together ensure that you get a splendid experience of your garden whenever you choose to step into it and that you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

As Garden maintenance company, Royal Green also provide expert services for the maintenance of your fountains, private pools and the landscape of your garden. Through this over time your garden looks as beautiful as it did when it was first designed. Depending on the extent of your needs, or according to your desires, our gardener will be happy to help you define the work to be done and when to take place at your convenience.

We offer various services, which include:

  • Maintenance and regular checking of irrigation or water systems
  • Replacing faulty pipes when required
  • Replacing faulty equipments when required
  • Grass cutting
  • Pruning and trimming of hedges
  • Lawn mowing and clearing of leaves on regular basis
  • Shaping hedges and bushes into various designs as approved by the owners
  • Seasonal splitting and replanting of plants
  • Weeding the garden
  • Spraying of pesticides and disease control treatment of plants
  • Watering the plants on regular intervals
  • ther general maintenance activities as mandated by the owners

The benefit of hiring professional garden maintenance companies is that the staff is handpicked and every member possesses complete knowledge about proper maintenance of gardens. Backed by years of experience and technical prowess, we ensure that your garden looks its best at all times. This helps you save time and also enjoy the fruits of the investment that you had made in your garden. Since the maintenance company takes your approval before any change is made and also updates you about new themes, trends and equipments for your garden, you can be sure that everything is done as per your choice and preference.

We pride ourselves in offering a reliable, conscientious and value for money garden maintenance service to all our clients, domestic, residential and commercial. Our affordable Garden and Landscape Maintenance contracts include Domestic and Commercial Gardens, Property Management Companies, Retail and Office Grounds, Landlords, Hotels, Care Homes, Private Roads, Housing Associations, Facilities Management Companies, and Estate Agents etc. Whether the garden is part of a residential property or a commercial property, hiring the services of professional garden maintenance companies helps you keep the garden looking fresh and clean during all seasons.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial properties.

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