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Garden Landscaping Services

Garden Landscaping Dubai Owning your own piece of garden in your own house is a unique and relaxing experience. A garden is one such space in your house where you can spend some refreshing time alone and quality time with your family and friends. Often home owners take lots of care to plant all kinds of seasonal flowers and maintain their gardens as per theme. Getting gardens landscaped, whether it is a residential garden or a commercial land, is also fast catching up as a popular trend. However, landscaping requires a lot of information about the type of soil, the type of plants that would be suitable etc. Royal Green is one of the best companies in Dubai that offer premium landscaping services for residential as well as commercial properties.

Royal Green provides customized services for clients who want to get their gardens landscaped. Since a lot of technical expertise is required to conclude a project of this magnitude, it is always better to trust professionals like us. The process of landscaping involves a thorough inspection of the area and grounds that have to be designed. Then a blueprint for the work that will be done is prepared by the landscaper. At Royal Green, we ensure that the design is prepared as per your liking. That is why we first seek your approval before going ahead with the design. The range of services that are provided by our company include engineering of a plan for the garden landscape i.e. a blueprint of what we would be doing with the garden, which includes details of the plants, trees, flowers, shrubs and the kind of grass to be used. We also draw a design of the garden depicting which plants would be placed in which area, where the walkways or paths would go through, where the ponds or fountains would be placed along with benches and lighting of the garden.

We not only seek approvals from the clients about the landscaping plans but also provide them with various options from which they can make their own choices. We also keep our portfolio updated with the latest trends in landscaping trends like desert landscape design, flower theme design, urban landscape designs etc. Our staff experts also make a detailed analysis of the area where the client needs the landscaping done to study the layout of the area and the type of soil. On the basis of this inspection only the design and further decisions are made. Once the clients make a decision about their choice of theme we go ahead with preparation for the physical landscaping. Our staff of experts then set out to execute the landscaping project as per this approved plan. The staff hired by us has thorough knowledge about landscaping, horticulture, plant care, pools and maintenance of gardens. We ensure that our knowledge is backed by years of experience. The equipments that our staff uses are state of the art and we employ the best techniques to deliver the best possible quality to our clients.

We also offer a range of other services to home owners and commercial properties like Indoor plants delivery and its maintenance, Pool maintenance services and also Landscape and garden maintenance services. Royal Green is one of the foremost landscaping companies in Dubai. We offer annual contracts to garden owners under which our company undertakes the responsibility of maintaining the landscaping and also the gardens of the owners. When you hire our garden landscaping company, you can be sure that you will get full value for the money invested and our company will deliver on their promise of designing a splendid landscaped garden.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial properties.

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