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Artificial Grass Landscaping Services

Artificial Synthetic Grass Landscaping

When it’s time to create a beautiful grass landscape and bring out the hidden beauty of your property. Royal Green Landscaping Company, Dubai provides total services to create a soothing green magic of lawns around your home, villa, office tower, garden or any other space across UAE. Ideal for the harsh climate of the region, artificial synthetic grass remains healthy year on year without require watering, mowing and trimming. Enhancing both, the visual appeal and value of property, even increasing it.

In fact, metros of UAE are the envy of the world for their landscaping in the desert climate. Royal Green, Dubai is proud to be associated with this massive and continuous effort as providers of highly professional artificial lawns and landscaping services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Be it economical B & Q garden grass installations in home frontage with limited area or a large lawn which functions as a ‘round-the-year’ space ideal for pets and children to frolic around. Or commercial properties, school and nurseries, golf courses, walkways, stadium Astroturf, roof gardens and more. As far as landscaping services for artificial grass are concerned, our quality and execution has led to repeat orders from existing clients and associates through tremendous word-of-mouth.

The Royal Green, Dubai providers of artificial synthetic grass landscaping services in UAE. We offer a wide range of international quality grass for various applications. Grass sizes range from tiny trimmed to large ones with pile height ranging from 10 mm to 30mm. Available in more shades of green than nature can provide. Our team of landscaping professionals, who are present all over UAE have years of experience having laid hundreds of synthetic grass lawns in most difficult terrains.

Moreover, as a landscape service provider, Royal Green focuses uncompromisingly on all vital all aspects of creating the perfect landscaping. Sub base construction, laying and seaming for a form and finish. Next is the laying of the grass surface which is a work of art, nothing less. The artificial grass borders need to be trimmed and cut exactly to the shape of the area to be covered. Having flush contact with elements such as trees, pavings, walkway borders etc. No wonder, we will be the first choice for artificial grass installation services in UAE.

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