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Benefits of Artificial Synthetic Grass

Artificial Synthetic Grass Benefits

When it’s time to create a beautiful synthetic grass landscapes, soothing green magic of lawns around your home, villa, garden, commercial properties, schools, nurseries, golf courses, walkways, stadium Astroturf, roof gardens or any other spaces across the UAE, artificial synthetic grass landscaping by Royal Green, Dubai offers many advantages.

Artificial synthetic grass landscaping is eye-catching and perfectly textured surfaces which don’t need weeding, watering, nutrients or re-seeding. They are unaffected by weather and are all season fixtures. Artificial grass is also recyclable.

With wide shades of green, Royal Green provides landscaping services which are works of art with patterns, designer motifs, stripes and more creating aesthetic and eye catching works of art in shades of green, an artistic benefit which scope as wide a s one’s imagination.

Major benefit of synthetic grass landscaping is durable, easy to clean and maintain. Strong for any kind of wear and tear including high footfalls. Does not get muddy and dirty, its is ideal for kids to play and pets to frolic around. Being synthetic, it does not attract pests and insects. As fertilizers and pesticides are not used as in case of natural grass, all harmful effects of nature and chemicals are avoided.

Royal Green Dubai, ensures that each synthetic landscaping we install is in confirmation of all green norms. Leaf blowers and lawn mowers are not required avoiding noise and air pollution. More important, it will reduce your water consumption.The UAE uses 550 liters of water per person per day, compared to global average of 250 liters. Large amount of extra water is used to keep the county green. Think about it. You can turn off the sprinklers as there’s no need to water artificial grass.

Add to this the advantage of synthetic grass landscaping by Royal Green, which focuses uncompromisingly on all vital all aspects of creating the perfect landscaping. Sub base construction, laying and seaming for a form and finish. And laying of the grass surface like a work of art, nothing less. No wonder, Royal Green, Dubai the first choice for artificial grass installation services in UAE.

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