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Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance

Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance

Once you’ve installed high quality artificial grass lawn in Dubai, you’ll want to keep it looking its very best. There are some dos and don’ts if you want to keep it in the fabulous condition in which it was installed.

Royal Green, Dubai is proud to be associated with this massive and continuous effort as providers of highly professional artificial lawns and landscaping maintenance services all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Artificail synthetic grass is very easy to maintain. Here are some tips from our experts to maintenance of your synthetic landscaping.

If you have pets, children, garden with trees and shrubs, you will need more cleaning than plain lawns. Again if you live in dusty areas, rinsing of synthetic landscaping will be required from time. Our experts suggest a weekly or monthly maintenance as follows.

Use a flexible lawn rake or a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush to remove dust, dirt, leaves etc. Never use ones with steel bristles, which will cause damage. Apart from cleaning, this also maintains the upright position of each blade of the grass. The frequency of cleaning can be more if you have pets or children play around on the lawn and also during seasons when plants and trees shed their blooms and leaves. After cleaning, grass in some areas may not be stand upright as pets or family members may have used the spot regularly as resting areas. It is easy to fix this by grooming these areas using a broom or handled brush to brush against the natural grain till the blades stand up properly.

To remove pet droppings use a plastic bag or a pooper scooper and hose down the area where the pet dropping was found. Water-spray the areas which is favorite spot of your pet to relieve itself at least once a week.

Lawns are meant for leisure time, hence food, sauces, gravy, drinks etcmay be spilled on the turf. As artificial turf is stain resistant, cleaning is easy and can be done by water hosing normally. If stains remain, clean with mild, natural soap and warm water or a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water.

Keep ashtrays handy to avoid cigarette burns on your synthetic grass landscape. Alsop, keep fireworks and grilling aqt a safe distance. Do not repair vehicles or machinery on your synthetic turf as battery acid, grease, lubricants, motor oil etc discolor or damage synthetic turf. Contact Royal Green, Dubai for your artificial grass landscape and lawn services and maintenance.

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