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Wedding Flower Arrangements

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Wedding Flower Decorations

One of the most important items on a wedding planning checklist is picking your wedding...

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Wedding Flower Decorations

Wedding flower decorations One of the most important items on a wedding planning checklist is picking your wedding flowers and arrangements. Your wedding flowers can set the tone of your ceremony and reception, make up a big part of the d├ęcor, and take up a chunk of the budget.

It is an important decision and can be a daunting task. The key is finding a fantastic florist who is experienced in weddings, understands your style and is reliable. Before you start the process of finding a florist, you should first decide on a few things regarding your wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers come in a wide array of different colors. From subtle pastels to vibrant pinks and reds, one can choose almost any type of color with regard to their floral arrangements. As well, both silk wedding flowers and fresh varieties are popular. With that said, it is important to choose a color scheme - bold or neutral for example - which is right for the bouquet or wedding flower arrangement. If one wishes to have a contemporary floral theme blend in nicely with everything else, choosing pastel floral grassy varieties and herbs might be the best. wedding flower ideas. On the other hand, if the couple wishes to have their wedding flowers be something of a focal point at the ceremony or reception, then perhaps vibrant and bright colors would be the best choice. It is important that the couple selects the right color scheme for their wedding.

The most common option is to get a professional flower shop involved in creating the bouquets and other floral arrangements for both the wedding and the reception but that is not etched in stone, or dirt!

While it was traditionally the groom's duty to order and purchase the flowers (they were a gift to his bride) this has, quite sensibly, been taken out of his hands today!

Obviously, types of flowers, arrangements and colours will be dictated by the general wedding theme and not least to reflect and draw attention to the bride and her ensemble. The meaning of flowers too is an issue.

The harmonization of the flowers to the bride's dress (and that of her bridesmaids) is paramount and flowers are often the element that pulls the various design and visual aspects of the wedding together.

As a general rule white or cream coloured flowers are the most popular (if it's a white wedding!). White roses. lilies of the valley and the like are old favourites.

Ancient traditions also can mean that wild flowers such as white heather and orange blossom are incorporated into the bouquets, bridal head-dress and arrangements.

In the reception venue it's important that the free-standing flower arrangements be very tall (or sit on plinths or pillars) so that they can be see by the guests as they are standing and knocking back the bubbly.

There is nothing wrong with the ushers snatching up all the church flowers after the service (maybe while exterior photography is going on) and swiftly transport them to the wedding reception venue prior to the arrival of the happy couple and their guests.

White flowers come in different shades; paper white, cream and ivory and have distinct elegance and formality. Your choice in white will depend on the shade of your bridal gown and if you want it to match or contrast with your gown or bridal accessories.

A classic white bouquet works well in all seasons and can make a casual wedding graceful and refined. A lovely flower choice for a white wedding bouquet; calla lily, lily of the valley, roses, anemones, white tiger lily, gladiolus, gardenia, stephanotis and freesia.

White signifies purity, innocence, humility and a new beginning, it also depicts faith and is associated with light and is considered the colour of perfection. White flowers are most often used in bridal bouquets along with green leafy foilage. The green colour is very soothing and relaxing, helping the bride with anxiety and nervousness on the most important day of her life, her wedding day.

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