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Flowers are the treasured tradition of romance and so flower arrangement for weddings are...

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Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements Flowers are the treasured tradition of romance and so flower arrangement for weddings are an integral element for the special day. The flower arrangement for the wedding requires the expertise of a specialist flower designer whether it's for the bridal bouquet, head-dresses or other floral accessories.

The flower arrangement for wedding days can be coordinated with visual references to the style, design and color of the wedding gown, the texture of the material, the veil, bridesmaid’s dresses and even the intended hairstyle. The flower arrangement for wedding days can contain favorite flower varieties as well. Make sure that the bridal bouquets and flower arrangement for wedding parties remain perfect throughout the day.

Wedding flower arrangements are an integral part the wedding plans. Flower arrangements can be do-it-yourself projects, or they can be elaborate designs by a seasoned florist. Be sure and visit our gallery of wedding flower arrangements for some great ideas, and keep the following points in mind.

Wedding Style

Do you have a certain style? Not sure? No problem! Take your cues from your own wedding dress, bridesmaids' dresses, and other various decorations.

  • Look at the colors you're using in your wedding. How can you echo those throughout the wedding flower arrangement?
  • What textures does your wedding feature? Look at the wedding dress, bridesmaid's dresses, table linens, and even the wedding veil for more inspiration.
  • Planning on wearing a few flowers in your hair? Be sure you repeat those blossoms somewhere in your flower arrangement for added emphasis and beauty.
  • Are there any flowers which hold sentimental value for you? Maybe your mom or grandmother loved roses. Maybe you remember lilies as a child. If so, why not incorporate those lovely memories into your wedding flower arrangements?

Wedding Flower Arrangement Choices

Once you've decided just how many arrangements you'll need for your wedding, it's time to decide how you want those arrangements designed. Feeling like you can do-it-yourself? Check out Save-On-Crafts for some easy wedding flower arrangement instructions. Looking for a new way to display a wedding centerpiece? Consider the following ideas:

  • Vases-You can choose from silver-plated, pewter, pottery, crystal, or china, depending on the style you prefer.
  • Topiaries-Instead of the traditional arrangement, you might want to try an exotic topiary as a change of pace.
  • Candles and Flowers-Incorporate some lovely candles which echo the colors in your wedding theme.
  • Glass or Crystal Dishes-These can hold a beautiful arrangement or a combination of floating candles and flowers.
  • Balloons and Blossoms-Looking for a fun change? Try mixing a balloon bouquet with some colorful blossoms.
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