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Different Types of Roses

With the availability of wide variety of roses, information on those should be grouped with...

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Different Types of Roses

Fresh roses Dubai With the availability of wide variety of roses, information on those should be grouped with names and their types for the convenience of buyers.

Roses are the most commonly sold flowers. Since there are many varieties of Roses, along with the hybrids and cultivars, no single system of classification of roses exists. However, the various groups where roses can be placed in are:

Alba: The alba are white roses which are derived from the Rosa arvensis and the Rosa alba. They are the oldest garden roses. These flowers bloom once every year in the spring. They mostly have blossoms of white or pale pink.

Damask: The Damask bloom once in summer. Their thorns are more dangerous than many other roses. The Damask rose was first seen in 1254.

China Rose: As evident from the name, the China roses were grown in East Asia. These roses bloom repeatedly in summer and in late autumn. These flowers also tan in time. They are smaller and less fragrant than other roses. They also bloom poorly.

Bermuda Roses: These roses find its origin in Bermuda, where it grew for a century. They are quite immune to plant diseases and losses like nematode damage and fungal diseases.

Bourbon roses: These roses are said to have originated off the coast of Madagascar. These roses have semi climbing shrubs and a purple tinted cane. They are probably the result of a cross between the Autumn Damask and the Old Bush China rose.

Climbing Roses: Climbing roses can grow to great heights. There are three general types. Large flowered climbers (LCI) are more modern and have stiff canes and usually have good repeat bloom. They can range in size from 8-20 feet. The blooms come in many colors and can have blooms singularly or in clusters. Examples include America, Altissimo, and Berries 'n' Cream.

Floribunda Type Roses: These are outstanding types of landscape roses that bloom nonstop with floriferous trusses. This is low-growing with an attractive bushy shape, and extremely hard and easy to grow. It's even suitable for wetter climates. The blooms are smaller than hybrid teas. Some varieties are susceptible to blackspot in certain areas. Only buy varieties immune to diseases. Winter hardiness varies from variety to variety. So check this out, before purchasing them.

Hybrid Foetida roses: These originate from the modern yellow rose. They are appreciated for their growth habit, not their fragrance, which can be rather unusual!

Noisette: The Noisette is a result of a cross between the China Rose's Parson's Pink and the Rosa moschafa. It produces huge cluster of roses from spring to fall.

Moss: These are mutations of damask or centifola roses. They flower once, though some Moss flowers do exhibit repeat blooming.

Gallica: The gallica roses come from the Rosa Gallica, coming from the central and southern Europe. They flower once in summer. These roses may have shades of red, crimson, maroon and deep purple.

Centifola: Centifola are also called cabbage roses due to the globular shaped flowers. These flowers are a result of the damask roses crossed with albas. They are once-flowering.

Portland: These roses are the result of a cross between the first China roses and European roses. They are named after the Duchess of Portland. Portland rose is the first rose to have repeated flowering power. Their plants are short and shrubby.

Shrubs: This is a catchall group. They are generally roses that are hybrids of species, or roses that do not fit nicely in other classes, such as David Austin "English" roses and Dr. Griffith Buck's roses. They are extremely varied botanically and most are available through mail order. Examples are Golden Wings, Perdita, Hansa, Hawkeye Belle, Starry Night, and Ballerina.

Tea: Tea is the result of crossing China roses with various Noisette and Bourbon roses. They are more tender compared to Garden roses. Their color range includes yellow, white and pink. Their petals tend to roll back at the edges, rendering the petal at the middle a pointed tip.

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