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Flower Arranging Tips

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Flower Bouquets

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Wedding Flower Arrangements

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Wedding Flower Decorations

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Different Types of Roses

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Valentine's Day

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Mother's Day

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Indoor-Outdoor Plants

Sharon providing plant sales, maintenance, rental, and information about the care and...

Indoor Plants/ Outdoor Plants Care

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Landscaping Ideas

Numerous free landscaping ideas, information and resources are offered Sharon Flowers...

Garden Maintenance Tips

There are many different styles of garden landscaping, so it is not hard to make your...

Lawn and Tree Care

Your home is a key investment. Protecting that investment, even improving it, makes good...
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Garden Maintenance Tips

Garden maintenance company, Dubai Gardening is not just a house chore, it is an art which needs technique and precision. As every art form, gardening also has its ways and methods. Every gardener needs certain equipment for maintaining the garden.

There are many different styles of garden landscaping, so it is not hard to make your garden look different from those around you. The tricky part is finding the style of garden landscaping that best reflects your own personal flair. If you are able to do this, however, it is a sure way to landscape a garden that is both enjoyable and unique.

Usually we create garden landscapes in order to make our front or backyard pleasing to the eye. People see our gardens when passing by our homes and that is why it is important that we make it as pretty as possible. Entertaining guests in the garden is a popular pastime for many of and we all love to take pride in our homes and gardens. The quickest and easiest way to impress your guests is through the look of your garden.

Some make use of landscaping ideas to increase the value of their home when selling it. Take note that your garden can greatly impact the impression of possible buyers and this can just convince them to buy your property.

While there are also those who just want to enjoy their gardens as they spend quite hours relaxing and feasting their eyes on the beauty around.


Watering should be done when the plants need water and preferably before they start to show signs of wilting severely. Quality and overall heath of the plant are greatly affected by allowing the plant to wilt severely. Some plants can tolerate and prefer dry soils and if kept too moist will often decline. Succulents are an example versus tropicals. Understand the plant you have. Water it based on its needs and not some general rule of thumb.


Pruning your plants regularly will prevent them from growing out of control and save you having to do annual battle. Trimming often means you only have to nip off the tips of new growth, so you won’t need to get the rake out and deal with a mass of green waste. Instead, you can just let it land on the ground, where it will turn into mulch.

Determine the Need for Fertlizer

Compare trees to others of the same kind: look at leaf size and color, and the length of new twig growth. Small, pale leaves and stunted growth may signal fertilizer need, but first rule out disease, insects, physical damage, and environmental stress such as flooding or drought. To determine which supplemental nutrients your tree needs, send a soil sample to a testing lab. Find a lab near you by checking in your telephone directory, or by calling your local cooperative extension office.


With proper lighting, you can create a mood that suits you. Although often used during the night only, proper lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscaped garden and can make it a work of art at night.

Decorating your landscaped garden can be challenging. Once you come out with a beautifully landscaped garden, you will appreciate the time you spent on it, and you can enjoy more hours looking at the fruits of your labor.

We offers a variety of Garden Maintenance programs for your home or commercial properties.

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