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Flower Arranging Tips

Always use the right foam for the flowers that you have. Generally, green water-retaining...

Flower Bouquets

A wedding without flowers is like fish without chips. The two go hand in hand with...

Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers are the treasured tradition of romance and so flower arrangement for weddings are...

Wedding Flower Decorations

One of the most important items on a wedding planning checklist is picking your wedding...

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Flower Bouquets

Wedding flower bouquet A wedding without flowers is like fish without chips. The two go hand in hand with each other and so shouldn't be left to the last minute, in terms of where you are going to buy your wedding flowers from and of course what type of flowers you like.

The key of course to pulling off a look that really works lies very much in the planning. Since there is no real right or wrong when deciding on your wedding flowers, it's very much a personal feeling as to what flowers the bride and groom, well the bride mainly would like on their big day. Wedding Flower Bouquet & Cheap Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas.

Some flowers, particularly fragrant flowers such as Rose, have always been popular in wedding bouquets and, due to the number of hybrid Roses now available, it is possible to have a bridal bouquet of Roses all year round; however, for a Spring wedding in Europe or North America, consider some alternatives such as Tulip, Daisy and Peony. Other flowers which may be used for Spring weddings include Lily-of-the-Valley and Hyacinth.

There are different types of bouquets, they each have their own unique names and some date back in history.

With our wedding bouquet ideas and unique bridal bouquets, you can choose the right arrangement for your special day. Every bride has her own special style and taste, no two brides, no two weddings or floral arrangements are the same.

Keep in mind your body size and height, as you will not want a large flowing bouquet if you are very slim or petite. It will just exaggerate you. Same goes if your are voluptuous or tall. Choose something that keeps your overall look in balance.

Classic bridal bouquets can be designed to fit many types of weddings, whether simple or elegant. Traditional types of arrangements include:

Nosegay or round bouquet: This type of arrangement is usually small to medium in size. It is typically designed as a round cluster of flowers with minimal greenery. White or pastel flowers are more classic choices in this type of bouquet.

Cascading arrangement: Cascading bouquets can be beautiful and dramatic. They are often used in formal weddings and consist of a central arrangement that has flowers aggregating downward to give the appearance of a cascade - and hence the name. Roses and calla lilies are traditional flowers for this type, and moderate greenery is typically used.

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